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** Due to space restrictions, some videos are now only available by request only. These videos will be rotated every month as per requests.**

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- Available for Immediate Download -


Trailer Video -- Xena Returns  -- Trailer Video  (Email Request)

Music Video -- When You Say Nothing At All  12.7 MB RM File -- Music Video

Trailer Video -- Xena/ Lord of the Rings RM File -- Trailer Video ( Email Request)

Music Video -- The Xippy Xippy Shake-- Music Video ( Email Request)

!!! Warning : The Last Mile contains series finale spoilers !!!

Music Video --The Last Mile RM File -- Music Video  ( Email Request )

Music Video --Dark Side of the Moon-- Music Video ( Email Request )

Trailer Video -- Xena - The Warrior Princess -- 3.3MB RM File -- Trailer Video

 Music Video -- Second Chance-- Music Video ( Email Request )

Music Video -- Unity -- 13.7 MB RM File -- Music Video

 Trailer Video -- Shaken, Not Stirred -- 3 MB RM File -- Trailer Video

Music Video -- Ties That Bind -- 12 MB RM File -- Music Video 

Echoes in Eternity contains extensive scenes from 

"A Friend In Need." 

Music Video -- Echoes In Eternity -- 12.1 MB RM File  -- Music Video 


    Music Video -- Into Every Life  -- Music Video  


Beginning with this video, I will now be offering a higher resolution version of each new video. The higher resolution file of this new video will only be available until the posting of the next new video. 

Low Resolution RM File ( 9MB)           High Resolution AVI File 

                                                           (XVID Mpeg 4 Codec)





There will be no more new videos posted on this site until November 2006 at the earliest. There are currently 2 videos under production.



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